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Igo 4

$89.99 $79.99

NEW FOR 2013 !!!  Igo 4 Starter Set !!!!  This set is awesome.  It has a touch base charger, just place the e-cig on the charger to charge.

The 750 mah batteries have a built-in lcd screen to show battery life and puff counter.  Come with ce6 that can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

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Product Description

New for 2013!! This is the latest and greatest electronic cigarette set.  Has a unique circular charger that allows you to just place the batteries on to charge.  The batteries have an easy to read lcd screen that displays battery life and a nifty puff counter.  These sets come with 2 CE6 clearomizers that can be easily disassembled for cleaning and for replacing the atomizer.

The set contains:

2 – 750 mah batteries with lcd displays.  Each battery is rated for 1000 puffs between charges.

2 – CE6 clearomizers.  These are currently the best clearomizers, that can be taken apart for cleaning and easy replacement of the atomizer.

1 – circular charging touch base

1 – usb cable

1 – empty bottle with blunt tip

1 – instruction manual

1 – gift packaging



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